Futsal Fiesta

Cyryx College Men’s And Women’s Teams Advances To Semi-Finals In The MWSC MNUSU Futsal Fiesta 2019

Cyryx College Men’ team have advanced to emi-final with zero lo e in the MNUSU Fut al Fie ta 2019 In the quarter-final... more

Women’s division matches ends in a stalemate on Saturday evening

MNUBS and CYRYX College won the third day group matche of the MWSC MNUSU Fut al Fie ta 2019 A total of four matche were played... more

Villa MI, AVID and MBS wins and wraps the first day group matches

The group tage matche were held la t night Villa College and MI College won the matche of the econd round in women’... more

MWSC MNUSU Futsal Fiesta 2019 Starts

The bigge t fut al competition, that i the MWSC MNUSU fut al fie ta 2019 held among univer itie , college and high chool... more

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Ashfaq cruises to victory with the backing of huge fanbase

Ali A hfaq (Dhagandey) ha won the “AFC Cup Bracket Challenge”,... more

British High Commissioner expresses her support for Ashfaq on Bracket Challenge

The Briti h High Commi ioner to the Republic of Maldive , Her... more

MNU students join the bracket challenge campaign

The Maldive National Univer ity Student Union (MNUSU) ha... more

Works of Shamoon and his team were flawless in keeping MNUSU active: Shaan

The former Pre ident and Advi ory board member, Mohamed Shaan Amir... more

Former President Shamoon expresses utmost and sincere gratitude in his valedictory speech

Former pre ident Ali Shamoon ha given hi heart-felt thank to all... more