Former President Shamoon expresses utmost and sincere gratitude in his valedictory speech

Former president Ali Shamoon has given his heart-felt thanks to all deserving in his farewell speech as the President.

In the speech given on the auspicious occasion of inaugurating the new Executive Committee, 8th term president Ali Shamoon conveyed his appreciation for all those who contributed in different ways to the term.

He mentioned further that the previous term had to face turbulence created by the COVID-19 pandemic, which unfortunately interfered with the plans and hopes he had while accepting his position as term’s President.

“As the President, it was sorrowful to cut down all activities except those online.”

8th Term President Ali Shamoon

He also thanked 5th term President Ali Rasheed boundlessly, for believing in him and paving the way to become a member of MNU Executive Committee. In addition, he appreciated the immense help and motivation provided by former President Arushadh Ashraf as well.

Moreover, he thanked prior President Mohamed Shaan Amir who has been part of a lot of works along-side him for his guidance and help throughout.

Former President Ali Shamoon praised the sincere work of all members of the Executive Committee, noting the work of Vice President Academics Arusham Mohamed for being there to assist students with their obstacles at all times. Moreover, he expressed his heart-felt gratitude to Secretary Aminath Hameeza for her inspirational work, along with Maisara who was the Assistant Secretary, noting her work as a front liner in the pandemic. He also acknowledged former Media Coordiantor Mohamed Ahunaf for his priceless work in making the media activities top-notch.

President Shamoon | Photography: MNUSU Media

Ali Shamoon thanked the members of the 9th term, Abdullah Shahuneez, Hussain Ali, and Hussain Zaidh, praising them for their invaluable effort in various activities during the 8th term.

Bringing up the help given by the University, former President Ali Shamoon thanked Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and Dean of students Leela Ahmed along with the former Dean of Students Nadhiya Ahmed with the bottom of his heart.

It’s imperative to note the immense and impactful work put in by Ali Shamoon during these testing times in empowering students while battling with all the inevitable obstacles entailing the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Written by: Aminath Saahath

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Former President Shamoon expresses utmost and sincere gratitude in his valedictory speech

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