SN, CFS and FHS advanced to the semi finals

After winning the group stage matches played on Thursday night, SN, CFS and FHS advanced to semi finals of “MNUSU Inter Faculty Volleyball Tournament 2020”.

On 6th March, Thursday, in women’s division total 3 matches were played. In the first match from Group B, CFS played against FHTS. After giving a brave fight to FHTS, CFS defeated FHTS with sharp 2 sets. CFS won their first match with a 26-24, 25-23 win over FHTS. Indeed, with this tremendous win CFS scored 6 points due to which, CFS confirmed 2nd place of the Group B and advanced to semi finals of the tournament. However, due to losing two matches in a row, FHTS have been knocked out from the tournament. The best player of match was awarded to jersey number 2 of CFS, Shuha Ahmed Hafiz.

FHTS vs CFS Match | Photography: MNUSU Media

FHS defeated FEST in the second match of group stage. FHS win over FEST with two sets of 16-25, 7-25. The best player of the match was jersey number 16 from FHS, Amintha Afaf Nizam.

FHS vs FEST Match | Photography: MNUSU Media

In the last match FLIS was beaten by SN with two sets of a 12-25, 19-25. After winning all the matches in a row, SN confirmed 1st place of Group A by scoring 8 points. The best player of the match was jersey number 5 from SN, Mariyam Nisha.

This is the 5th MNUSU Inter Faculty Volleyball Tournament and was commenced in 2016. Year by year this tournament was getting wider and now this is the second largest competition held by MNUSU. In this year 8 teams participated under Women’s division and 7 teams under Men’s division. Total 15 teams took place in this year’s tournament. The main sponsor of the tournament is “Fuel Express Maldives” and online media partner is “Raajje MV”.

Written by: Mariyam Jaudha Maumoon,

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